Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant: Was an improved appearance the only legacy?

It may have had little or no impact on his footballing skills but there is no doubt that Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant has had a major positive impact on his confidence levels, not to mention his bank balance.

The decision to, very publicly, undergo a cosmetic treatment can’t have come very easily to Wayne, someone who is forced to live life constantly under the scrutiny of the global media. But it has had an interesting effect on our perception of the technique itself. Hair transplantation is no longer something to shy away from, in fact in some quarters it has become decidedly cool!

Just like a mega kilowatt celebrity smile, a fast car and a palatial pad, a thick, glossy head of hair is fast becoming a status symbol. In a quest to soften the edges and retain a youthful glow, its results are far more natural than those to be had from the plastic surgeon’s knife, or a frozen face full of fillers.

Thick, abundant hair signals youth in a far more subtle, understated way. Hair plays an excellent supporting role, noticed and appreciated but not fixated upon, with the ability to gently deflect attention away from less desirable features. Of course, colour and cut play a hugely significant part, but one needs to have the raw material to work with the first place.

Some may dismiss hair transplantation as mere vanity, but in Wayne’s case, as in so many others, it has undoubtedly opened doors. Of course, Wayne would always have been a target for big brands seeking a poster boy based on his sheer talent alone, but the more appealing the image, the greater the volume and quality of the offers that are likely to come flooding in.

As to any furor and negative outcry there may have been in the media initially, that is yesterday’s news. The media have accepted (some might say fully embraced) Wayne’s new look, which has given many men the world over the confidence to have the same type of procedure, “if Wayne can do it, why shouldn’t I?”

With constantly evolving techniques, there are even better and more affordable treatments to be had than those Wayne enjoyed, with the skill of individual consultants increasing exponentially with every treatment. Techniques which mimic natural hair growth patterns and provide up to 2,000 carefully selected and prepared grafts per session, give a subtle enhancement and an instant confidence boost which initially serves to reduce the appearance of thinning hair and later grows to replace missing locks completely.

Treatment is quick, painless and successful, which means that now more than ever hair transplantation is a quality investment, as renewed confidence in your appearance can also pay dividends in your work, social life and even bank balance.

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