How to Prevent Hair Loss through Treatments Available Today

When you see some of your hair strands falling out, what do you feel? You see, falling hair is a natural occurrence and it is part of the hair cycle. However, if hair fall is excessive, that’s a different story. Millions of people around the globe are having hair loss problems. Some of them take their condition lightly but there are also those who get too anxious and frustrated. How to prevent hair loss? That is the question that needs specific answers.

Hair loss is a condition that cannot be cured. The products, solutions, and formulas sold in the market presently serve only as remedies to counter the effects of hair loss. While some people claim that they are able to grow some of their hair back, the effects of different products may not be the same for everyone. There are ways to prevent further hair loss but not completely.

Read on and you will find out more about the different hair loss products available in the market today.


Procerin scalp therapy for MenMen between ages 18 to 35 can benefit a lot from using Procerin. If you’re within that age range and your hair is still in the growing phase, you can expect better results from using the said product. This is a 2 stage treatment consisting of Tablets and a topical applied foam. The tablets consist of a combination of natural ingredients including Saw Palmetto Berry Extract, Zinc Sulfate, and Vitamin B6. The foam ingredients include Saw Palmetto Extract, Pygeum Bark, Oleic Acid, Grapeseed Extract (Procyanidin Oligomers), Pygeum Bark, Linoleic, Stinging Nettle Extract, and Azelaic Acid. According to their website Procerin is claimed to stimulate hair growth and revitalize the hair follicles.


Propecia the FDA approved hair loss treatment for menClinical tests have shown the effectiveness of Propecia among men. In fact, this is one of the most popular products sold in the market today and one of the very first products introduced. Some men exhibit sexual side effects upon using this product like difficulty in erection, less sex desire, and decrease in secreted semen. So if you notice these side effects inform your doctor immediately and stop using it. Propecia contains finasteride an active ingredient which is FDA approved especially for treating pattern baldness among men.


The two products mentioned are just some of the most popular hair loss products sold in the market. Despite of the success rates, the effects still differ from one person to another. You must try the product first for a certain period before you can actually tell if it works for you. You’re bound to spend a certain sum of money before you can find one product that can help in preventing your hair loss problem.

Losing some hair is not the end for you. If it’s part of growing old, you must learn to accept it and live with it. There are several treatment options out there that you can try; from the natural treatments to the medical treatments, as well as surgical and cosmetic options. It’s all up to and your doctor. It is always best to seek the advice of an experienced doctor before using any product to ensure your safety.

How to prevent hair loss is no longer a big issue nowadays because of the wide variety of hair loss products available in the market. You simply have to familiarize yourself with the effects and possible risks in using a particular product. Know your options when it comes to preventing hair loss.