We make arranging your hair transplant abroad in the beautiful city of Budapest as straightforward as possible. There is no fuss and no complicated procedure. Each step is designed to assure you of our attention to detail, and complete professional service before, during, and after your treatment at our modern clinic in the heart of Budapest. Here is our easy-to-follow six step plan for your FUE hair transplant in Hungary.

Personal evaluation of hair and scalp

Personal evaluations are carried out by appointment, in the UK, where you can discuss what you hope to get from the treatment with one of our trained specialists. Following a close examination of your scalp and hair, the specialist will be able to explain in detail what can be achieved and show you the results you can expect to see. The professional evaluation is conducted in English and is relaxed and friendly.

Personalised offer for your treatment

Following your consultation, we will present you with your own personalised treatment plan. This will describe all the suggested elements of your transplant treatment in detail, in easy to understand terms. We will also itemise all costs related to these elements.

Arranging a treatment date and accommodation in Budapest

Accommodation Abroard For Your Hair transplant TreatmentOnce you are happy with the treatment plan, all you have to do is make an appointment for the procedure abroad at our clinic in Budapest, at your convenience. Our colleagues will be delighted to help with any other information, and will arrange your accommodation. Hotel and travel costs to and from Hungary, are included with the price of the treatment, so there’s nothing extra to pay if you decide to go ahead.

Your travel and treatment

Arrival at the Hair Restoration Clinic HungaryAfter you’ve confirmed your appointment all you need to do is come to Hungary. There are regular flights from various points in the UK, seven days a week. On arrival at Budapest Ferenc Liszt international airport, you’ll be met by our English-speaking driver and taken to your accommodation in the centre. One of our colleagues will also be on hand at all times, to help you with whatever you need during your stay. Your treatment will be scheduled for the day after your arrival, giving you some time to relax and enjoy the sights of our beautiful capital.

Hair transplant abroad in Hungary

At our city centre clinic in Budapest, you will receive the most advanced FUE hair loss transplant available and we’re confident you’ll be delighted with the results. The procedure is pain-free and comes with a full guarantee. We pride ourselves on providing expert hair restoration at highly competitive rates, without compromising on quality. Not only will you get your hair restored in a day, you will also save thousands of pounds having the treatment abroad when compared to rates in the UK for the same level of treatment.

After care

Aftercare abroad after the Hair TransplantThe treatment is carried out in a single session and any follow up examination can be arranged with a consultant, back in the UK, at your convenience. This means you won’t have to return to Budapest for any after-care. All you have to do now, is enjoy the natural looking results of your hair transplant, and your restored self-confidence!

Why Budapest, Hungary, is the best choice for a hair transplant

Advances in hair-transplant technologies in recent years mean it’s now the leading way of permanently addressing hair loss, but many people who are in desperate need of one – to restore their looks and overall confidence, socially as well as in the workplace – are put off by the substantial costs involved. It needn’t be that way.

It’s certainly true that hair transplants in the UK can be prohibitively expensive, requiring people to dig deep into their savings – or even take out a loan – to pay for the many thousands of pounds they’ll be charged. But the UK and other Western countries are expensive for a reason: wages are high. The good news is that you can now travel abroad for your hair transplant where overall costs are dramatically lower yet the standard of medical practice and treatment is high, certainly comparable to that in the UK.

Beautiful city of Budapest HungaryOne of the leading centres of low-cost medical excellence to emerge in recent years is the Hungarian capital, Budapest. It is a stunningly beautiful place of high culture that has almost become a byword for medical tourism, as people get all manner of affordable treatments and procedures done there – from dental work to hair transplants – while also taking a break in one of Europe’s finest cities.

Indeed, getting to Budapest from UK airports is a breeze; it only takes two and a half hours from London to the city’s Ferenc Liszt International Airport, for instance, and many low-cost airlines fly there. The city has some of the best hotels in the world, as well as places of high art and culture that will dazzle. You’ll marvel at the striking and soaring architecture dotting Budapest as you wander around after your procedure and take in the incredible sights.

Hair transplant Initial ConsultationIn fact, you don’t even have to turn up in Budapest to have an initial consultation with a hair-loss doctor about your condition and what options are available to you. That’s because you can meet hair-loss professionals from Budapest who travel to the UK for private meetings with patients, so that everything can be worked out and explained in advance. This provides a great deal of reassurance for patients travelling overseas for hair transplants, as you’ll know exactly what’s involved.

FUE Hair transplants in Budapest are carried out using the latest technology available anywhere and you can be sure the procedure will be pain free and won’t leave any unsightly scarring. What’s more, you’ll be guaranteed of results, or in cases where some hairs don’t grow back, they’ll be re-implanted at no charge.

Patients having their hair transplant abroad in Budapest can also benefit from having a check-up done back in the UK, so doctors can see how the growing and healing process is progressing. It’s a complete package of professional care, low costs and an amazing cultural experience.

River Danube Budapest at Night