As hair transplants are carried out by highly skilled doctors in specialist clinics using state of the art equipment, it’s no surprise that they involve a significant cost. See more information regarding the costs of hair transplant surgery

Though many people considering a hair transplant will be more concerned with the finished result rather than the cost, considering every aspect of an upcoming procedure is a must if a patient wants to be completely satisfied with their experience and their long term outcome.

What costs are involved in a hair transplant?

The costs involved in a hair transplantation procedure will vary from patient to patient depending on the level of hair loss, the technique used and the required result.

Some clinics will charge patients by the hair and others by the graft. If you’re unsure how you’ll be charged, check with your chosen clinic. They should be able to talk you through their pricing structure and answer any questions you might have.

As well as the cost of the procedure, you’ll also need to take any travel, accommodation and living expenses into account when planning your transplant, especially if you live a distance away from your chosen clinic.

How can I reduce the cost of a hair transplant?

The easiest and most effective way to reduce the cost of a hair transplant is to travel abroad for the procedure. One of the most popular countries for those looking for an affordable hair transplant is Hungary, where the costs involved are up to 50% less. Fully regulated and using some of the most up to date techniques around, Hungarian clinics are a great option for anyone looking for a great result at an affordable price.

Hair Palace City Clinic in BudapestWhat’s more, many clinics that operate in Hungary offer comprehensive packages including accommodation, airport transfers, medications and even lunch on the day of your procedure, allowing you to fully relax and let someone else take care of the details.

If I travel abroad, will I still get the same results?

Though you should take care to choose a reputable clinic with specialist experience and expertise, you’ll be getting exactly the same treatment as you would in the UK, just at a lower price.

Some of the best clinics in Hungary actually offer a better and more advanced service, as many exclusively specialise in hair transplantation. If you choose one of these specialist clinics, your results may well be better than you ever hoped and could see you returning home with a stunning full head of hair.

Another bonus of choosing a clinic in Hungary is that you can easily combine it with a weekend break. So before you visit your chosen hair restoration clinic, you can enjoy the rich culture, stunning architecture and delicious food of this fantastic country.

The City of Budapest at Night

So What is the Total Cost of a hair transplantation procedure?

Though often more affordable than a lifetime of buying and maintaining wigs and toupees or of undergoing less proven treatments and therapies, hair transplants do involve a significant initial cost and it’s important to understand what exactly this involves.

Info-Graphic The Costs of a Hair Transplant

So if you’re thinking about taking the plunge and undergoing a hair transplant of your own, here are the main costs that you need to consider.

Understanding what’s involved

By researching the procedure itself and learning about exactly what’s involved in a hair transplant, you can begin to appreciate where the costs come from and why clinics price their procedures in a certain way.

Hair transplants are a very labour intensive procedure performed by a skilled, specialist surgeon. It’s not uncommon for those suffering from extreme hair loss to undergo 40 to 80 hours of implants in order to gain the result they are looking for. Though this will of course be reduced for those with less severe hair loss, all hair transplants involve a lot of work by a team of highly trained professionals.

First, the doctor will remove a donor section of skin from the back of the head. From this piece of scalp, the surgeon will take 500 to 2,000 individual grafts, these are then transplanted into the target area.

Grafts and hairs

These grafts can contain either one individual hair or a number of hairs. Some clinics charge by the hair and some by the graft, so it’s important to check the pricing structure with your doctor before you undergo the procedure.

If your chosen clinic charges by the graft, then the finished result will be less certain as the number of hairs per graft can’t be guaranteed. In theory, you could end up paying for 1000 grafts that each contain one hair or 1000 grafts that each contain 3 hairs. The results of these different grafts will be very different and will affect the final result.


Following your procedure, you may need to take painkillers or sedatives to manage the discomfort. The cost of this medication may or may not be included in the price of the transplant.

If you’re traveling abroad for your hair transplant procedure, you’ll also need to consider the cost of transport, accommodation and food for the duration of your trip.

If you’re concerned about the cost of your hair transplant, the best thing to do is contact your chosen clinic and talk to them directly. They should be able to offer you a comprehensive break down of their pricing structure, making it easy for you to work out exactly how much your brand new head of hair is going to cost.