Hair transplant myths debunked

Getting a hair transplant is a big decision, and doing a bit of research before you take the plunge is a must if you want to prepare for the procedure properly. However, as the treatment is often misunderstood, there are a lot of myths and rumours around with many people unsure what to believe and what to dismiss.

To help you sort the fact from the fiction and understand exactly what it is you’re in for, here are a few of the most common hair transplant myths debunked.

Myth: Hair transplants are not permanent

Truth: A big fear that many people have when deciding whether or not to go ahead with a hair transplant is whether or not it’s permanent.

Though in essence this myth is false, the answer to the question is a little more complicated. Though the hair that’s transplanted during the procedure won’t fall out due to male pattern baldness, it’s not immune to other factors that can cause hair loss like trauma, medication and certain medical conditions.

Myth: Hair transplants are painful

Truth: In general, the pain or discomfort associated with hair transplants is minimal and can be easily treated with mild painkillers or sedatives.

As everyone feels, and can tolerate, pain differently, the experience will be different for each patient. However, in most cases the pain of the initial injection of anaesthesia can be eased with distractions, light painkillers or, in extreme cases, intravenous sedation.

Following the procedure, most patients find the discomfort is limited to the donor area at the back of the head. This can last for a few days, with most people finding that it only bothers them when they go to bed as many sleep on this area. Again, this can be treated with mild pain medication just before bed.

Myth: Hair transplants are expensive

Truth: Though the cost of a hair transplant can add up, when it’s compared with other hair replacement systems, there is not a huge amount of difference in price. In some cases, hair transplants can actually be cheaper than the cost of buying and maintaining wigs or toupees over a number of years.

When you consider that a hair transplant is a highly labour intensive procedure, especially for those with extreme hair loss, the price is actually very reasonable.

Myth: Hair transplants look unnatural

Truth: As long as you find a good surgeon with plenty of experience in performing hair transplants, there’s no reason that your finished result won’t look 100% natural.

The key is to find someone who specialises in creating natural looking hairlines, that way your new head of hair won’t look out of place and will look completely natural from up close and far away.