Hair Loss Products that Work

Hair loss products are everywhere. Virtually any beauty shops, drugstores, grocery, and salons have them. The internet is home to all kinds of hair loss products in all shapes, sizes, and prices. Television shopping channels can once in a while feature hair loss products with several positive claims. But no matter where, when, and how you see them, they all have one thing in common: the claim that they can either effectively grow the hair back or make the hair appear fuller or thicker.

Now you ask: which of these hair loss products work? The question maybe quite odd since the Food and Drug Administration has only approved one topical product for regrowing hair- Minodoxil. Nonetheless, commercially available hair loss products are worth a look. Most hair loss products in the market today come in the form of shampoo, gel, volumizer, conditioner, and mousse. They often target people with thinning hair. Others claim to regrow hair.

If it happens that one product works, this is not because it has revived your dead scalp but because it has just made the hair look thicker or fuller as most products contain polymers. Polymer is a chemical that sticks to the hair shaft since polymer’s positive charge is attracted to the hair’s negative charge. Polymers keep the hair moist, causing the strand to expand its diameter slightly. Again, hair loss products that contain polymers do not regrow the hair back.

Another reason why other products seem to work is because some contain bleach that helps keep the shaft sliding past each other. It creates the appearance that the hair is fuller and greater in quantity where in fact the number of strands remains the same. Many hair loss products claim that the pro-vitamin B5 can lead to fuller hair. The claim has never been proven.

Other powder and spray products, appear to work not because they add strands of your hair but because they just colour the scalp. The head may look fuller at a distant but look closely and the spray or powder application is very unmistakable. Also, some products contain silicone, waxes, and various oils that help restore that balance of moisture to the hair. This claim is again unproven.

Most hair loss products work for few people or to say the least, work for certain types of people so 100% assurance is never a guarantee. But if you happen to bump into a product that actually works for you, you have to keep on using it for a long as it takes just to achieve a continuous result. The irony is, for you to be able to see any result, you need to invest your money first and use it for several months because the only way to know if the product works for you or not is to keep on using it until… well, until you ran out of money or patience. It does not end there. Taking chances on these products may result to some side effects including weight gain, allergies and possible erectile dysfunction.

As a final note, there is no sure product to treat hair loss. The Food and Drug Administration approved Minodoxil, while giving hope for regrowing hair is still not the panacea. Other products may help your hair appear fuller but it is not a permanent treatment for hair loss.