A Full Head of Hair for Less

Restore your hairWhen hair starts falling out, it can be a devastating experience, and one which isn’t particularly easy to rectify. There are all sorts of lotions and potions you can slap on your crown to coax your follicles back to life, many of them costly, and then there’s the big step itself: the hair transplant.

Hair transplants work, so if you’re going bald, why not have one to restore your crowning glory?

First of all: price. For many people, the costs are astronomical. Transplanting hairs from one part of the head to the balding site may last a lifetime but you’ll practically need a second mortgage to afford one. In these belt-tightening economic times, few people can afford the luxury of spending many thousands of pounds on something that, while highly desirable, is not actually a necessity.

There’s a solution, though: have a hair transplant abroad. These days, due to advances in hair transplant technologies, more top-level clinics are opening around the world, some not that far away. The Hungarian capital of Budapest, for instance, is where our leading transplant clinic is located, providing world-class services at extremely affordable prices.

Our Clinic uses the internationally recognized FUE hair transplant procedure. It’s suitable for almost all types of hair loss and is straightforward, fast and pain free. You won’t have to worry about the transplanted hair – taken from sites on the patient’s head where it’s growing strong, such as the back – falling out again after a while because the results are permanent and should last the rest of the person’s life. Transplants are done by highly qualified surgeons who are specialists in hair transplantation, so patients can be sure they are in safe hands and getting quality service.

It all means that hair transplants abroad provide the right solution for many people today. Prices can be as much as 60% lower than at clinics in the UK, and with budget airlines regularly serving the city, you could still end up paying less than you would back home. Save money and get to visit a beautiful European capital? It’s a no-brainer.